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A Scenic Piece of History

The beautiful state of Wisconsin is a wonderful place to live all year round. It’s a great place to explore, and it’s certainly a fantastic destination if you’re interested in planning a vacation. With so much history, so much recreation, and some of the most beautiful landscapes that you can find in the American Midwest and Great Lakes region, there are more than just a few reasons to put Wisconsin in your crosshairs as a primary destination.

In this short article, we are going to focus on just one single river in the vast state of Wisconsin – but it certainly isn’t a small one! Let’s learn all about the Wisconsin River – here are three things you most certainly didn’t know about it.

The Wisconsin River Is The Longest River In The State

You likely already knew that the massive Mississippi River passes through the state of Wisconsin as it makes its way down south to Mississippi. As the entire continent’s longest river, you might infer that it is also the longest river in Wisconsin. However, you’d be sorely mistaken! The Wisconsin River is the longest river in the state, and it spans nearly 450 miles!

As a tributary of the Mississippi, the Wisconsin River gets its flow from the Mississippi, and it runs almost from the top of the state near its shared border with Michigan, down to the southwestern tip of the state. And all along the way, you can find something exciting.

The Wisconsin River Passes Through The City of Wisconsin Dells

As one of the most prime travel destinations in the entire Midwest, Wisconsin Dells is known for its ability to draw people from far and wide, along with its life-long permanent residents to its bustling city and beautiful natural surroundings. With so much to do in Wisconsin Dells, from tourism and entertainment, to exploration, recreation, and endless discovery in state parks, preserves, and more, it should certainly be near the top of your list of destinations.

And to add to an already stellar reputation, the Wisconsin River passes right through the city in stunning fashion. Featuring a beautiful stone gorge and an unbelievable view, the river’s run through Wisconsin Dells is surely a sight to be seen.

The Dells Along The River Were Formed By A Glacier

Remember, Wisconsin Dells gets its name from the dells that were formed when an ancient glacier passed through the region and its meltwaters cut the deep channel that would eventually go on to serve as the pathway of the Wisconsin River.

When French explorers discovered the region during the 1600s, they were completely fascinated by the dells and their various forms, and they made it a point to return back to the region and set up a settlement. Today, that settlement along the Wisconsin River has turned into one of the most popular destinations in the state of Wisconsin.

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