Lake Delton Condos for Sale

Everything You Need To Know

The Wisconsin Dells real estate market is effectively booming – and for good reason. Not only is the city of Wisconsin Dells a wonderful place to raise a family, but it has also become quite the tourist destination in recent years. Known as the “waterpark capital of the world,” Wisconsin Dells is the perfect place for water-slide and water-ride enthusiasts to come and experience a variety of theme parks and aquatic attractions throughout the year. But not only that, the beautiful landscape of Wisconsin Dells, not to mention, Lake Delton, offers a serene and picturesque beauty that is difficult to come by elsewhere in the United States.

In this short article, we are going to tell you all about 5 reasons for why Lake Delton is Wisconsin Dells’ premiere destination for real estate.

Unrivaled Beauty

Lake Delton is actually a man-made freshwater lake located right in the heart of Central Wisconsin. Formed back in the late 1920s by a Chicagoan named Wm. J. Newman, Lake Delton was designed to serve as a premier tourist destination for those who lived within the Midwest in the wake of the Great Depression.

Rather quickly, resorts, hotels, vacation rentals, and condominiums were built all along the banks and shores of the lake. And in no time at all, Wisconsin Dells and Lake Delton became one of the most popular vacation cities in the entire Midwest.

Today, the lake is one of the most beautiful landscape features that the area has to offer. Each year, the region’s unrivaled beauty attracts tourists and new residents to the shores of Lake Delton to enjoy everything that it has to offer. In fact, there are even quite a number of condominiums for sale in Wisconsin Dells to accommodate the rush of new residents each and every year.

The Waterpark Capital of The World

We mentioned it earlier, and we’ll say it again here. Wisconsin Dells is the waterpark capital of the world, and that makes it such a fun destination for the whole family. From the massive Noah’s Ark Waterpark, to the Atlantis Hotel & Family Waterpark, there are always plenty of options for a family to choose from. In fact, there are 20 different waterparks currently operating within Wisconsin Dells, to be exact.

Some of these waterparks offer visitors some of the most exhilarating water-based attractions in the world. For instance, Raja at Noah’s Ark sends riders plunging down nearly 4-stories worth of tube right into the mouth of a snake! Others, like Demon’s Drop at Mt. Olympus offers riders one of the steepest and fastest waterslides in the world.

A Prime Location

One of the biggest selling points of Lake Delton and the Wisconsin Dells area is that it is situated in close proximity to two of the most populated cities in the Midwest – Chicago and Minneapolis. With that in mind, the Wisconsin Dells real estate market is flooded with people leaving Chicago and Minneapolis each and every year.

Additionally, Lake Delton serves as a prime vacation spot for families from these two cities. When you are looking for a family-friendly getaway that gives you lakeside living and theme park adventures all in one, Lake Delton is a great option. And remember, you don’t always need to purchase a vacation home or rent a hotel. Instead, there are plenty of condos for sale in Wisconsin Dells that you can choose from – even with only a modest budget.

Rental Possibilities

With so many Lake Delton condos for sale, it would be a wise move to make an investment in one of these properties and use it to earn rental income. There are plenty of condominiums and vacation homes for sale, which you can take a look at right here:

From there, you can work with your Wisconsin Dells real estate agency to identify a rental management company that can help you rent out your condo when you aren’t using it. This is a wonderful way to earn some passive income and ensure that your investment earns you a sizeable return, while giving you the chance to explore and enjoy everything that Lake Delton and Wisconsin Dells has to offer when you aren’t renting out your space.

The Best Real Estate Agents Around

Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that Lake Delton and Wisconsin Dells offers you the very best team of Wisconsin Dells real estate agents to help you find the perfect property to call home. Here at Kimball Realtors LLC, we’d be happy to connect with you and help you find the perfect condos for sale in Wisconsin Dells that meet your needs and expectations.

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