Are we headed for a Wisconsin Real Estate crash??

 Is there going to be widespread panic? Will we be fighting our neighbors for toilet paper? Will our meat supply be compromised? Is all the hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes gone forever? Will we ever be able to get our hair cut or nails done again? These things are probably not going to happen.

The current situation in our area, Wisconsin Dells Real Estate, seems like everything is just fine. Kimball Realtors LLC phones are ringing and our listings are selling. Buyers are looking for homes and are having a hard time finding what they are looking for, because the inventory is low again this year and even lower due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

It looks like interest rates will stay low through the rest of this year helping to stabilize the Wisconsin Dells Real Estate market. With all these changes it is more important than ever to work with a Realtor, with experience and that you can trust! Contact Kimball Realtors LLC for anything Real Estate related 608-477-3470 or visit us on the web at:

Stay safe and healthy. Be well everyone.