If you are thinking about Buying a Home in Wisconsin Dells area or a Condo, there is so much fun to be had on all the lakes and rivers nearby. I will start with what is right in Wisconsin Dells, Lake Delton.

Lake Delton is a man-made freshwater lake in Sauk County in central Wisconsin. The lake was formed in 1927 by Wm. J. Newman from Chicago, to attract tourists to the area and became a popular attraction in the Wisconsin Dells following the economic recovery after the Great Depression. Resorts and tourist attractions line its banks. The lake is the site of Tommy Bartlett’s Water Show which features acrobatic water skiing.

Lake Delton is in the village of Lake Delton which most think of as Wisconsin Dells.

Next is The Wisconsin River

The Dells of the Wisconsin River encompasses over 5 miles of Wisconsin River corridor with a spectacular gorge, cliffs, tributary canyons, and rock formations carved into Cambrian sandstone. Formed between 510-520 million years ago, some cliffs rise over one hundred feet above the water and have been shaped by the erosive processes of water and wind

There are also lakes such as, Devil’s Lake, Mirror Lake, Lake Redstone and Lake Wisconsin. All of these beautiful areas are within minutes of The Dells area. Contact Kimball Realtors LLC for any information about the area and local lakes and rivers. Wisconsin Dells Real Estate is our passion!    608-477-3470