Go bike riding on Lake Delton property.As the weather warms up, Lake Delton property owners can start enjoying more outdoor exercise. Outdoor enthusiasts living in Lake Delton should really check out the paths around town. Cyclists can ride all over in the bike lanes and on the multi-use pathways. The multi-use pathways are meant for cyclists, walkers, joggers, inline skaters, and families with strollers. Everyone should be able to use the path together, as long as the path-sharing rules are followed. Slower traffic must keep to the right. Faster traffic should pass on the left and announce that they are passing. Above all, make sure you are paying attention to other riders and walkers. If everyone is aware, the path is safer. Cyclists and skaters should also wear protective gear, like helmets and knee and elbow pads. It’s the law for children, but it’s no less important for adults. Protect those brains!

Cyclists Living in Lake Delton Can Reach the Village’s Parks on the Multi-Use Path

Ride along the east bank of Lake Delton toward Newport Park and Kaminski Park. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy. Don’t forget a soccer ball or Frisbee to play with afterwards. The really ambitious might consider continue riding south toward Kalahari Resort. One branch of the multi-use path goes past the public skate park and Poppy Waterman Arena. Another part of the path runs from the Ralph Hines Memorial Park toward Tower Park.

Visit Lake Delton online to find a downloadable map of all the trails, bike lanes, and sidewalks around the village. Enjoy the lovely scenery of the area, one of the great perks of owning Lake Delton property.