Everyone living in Lake Delton can join the Delton Sportsmen's Club.Sportsmen living in Lake Delton have the opportunity to meet other like minded people and stay active in the outdoors with Delton Sportsmen’s Club. This nonprofit organization promotes target shooting, archery, hunting, fishing, and other sports. They also promote the conservation of birds, game, fish, water, forests, and other natural resources.

The Delton Sportsmen’s Club dates back to 1959 and has undergone many improvements throughout the years. A variety of properties have been purchased for club members and the original clubhouse was built in 1978. An addition was added in 1981. Members can take advantage of a 150 yard rifle range and a second trap range. The club has also placed fish cribs in Lake Delton and upgraded the fishing pier on Mirror Lake. Firewood sheds have also been built by this organization for Rocky Arbor State Parks and Friends of Mirror Lake at the Mirror Lake.

Lake Delton Property Owners Become Club Members

Membership for those living in Lake Delton and the surrounding area is very reasonably priced, with a husband and wife, couple, or single age 16 and over being $30. Junior members ages 15 and under only pay $1. Take a look at the calendar and read the club newsletter to see what is going on. Hunting seasons are noted as well as special events at the club. Watch for club meetings, sporting clays, picnics, hunters safety events, hunter’s night out, and much more.

Take a stand and join an organization that works hard to make a difference in the natural world. Also make connections with others who live in Lake Delton properties and enjoy the same hobbies. Visit Delton Sportsmen’s Club to find out more. View pictures, read the range rules, take a look at the calendar, and find the membership form at this site. Also find contact information if you would like to find out more about the club.