Enjoy sushi near Lake Delton property.Come for a taste of Japanese cuisine a short drive away from your Lake Delton property. Kyoto Hibachi Sushi is serving up authentic dishes, all made fresh when you order. Start with a few appetizers to get your taste buds excited. Try a tempura sampler, with shrimp and veggies and tasty dipping sauce. Get the Japanese take on tacos with chicken tacos made with teriyaki chicken or Korean Bulgogi steak wrapped up in a corn tortilla. Have a sushi or sashimi sampler to taste a variety of the house specialties.

Everyone Living in Lake Delton Will Find Something to Enjoy

Lake Delton property owners will find many delicious Japanese dishes for the main course. Try one of the house sushi rolls or choose something from the classic roll list. Get a sushi entree, served with soup and salad if you’re really hungry. You can also get a hot dinner with chicken katsu, which is delicately breaded and fried to crispy perfection. The hibachi is a Japanese grill, used for cooking up meat and fish. Try one of the hibachi entrees or a combo for a delicious, warming meal. These are served up with soup, salad, rice, and hibachi vegetables. Couples living in Lake Delton looking for a nice spot for date night will be delighted. It’s also a great place to go with a group of friends.

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