See the lumberjack show on Lake Delton real estate.Summer brings an abundance of entertainment opportunities to Lake Delton real estate owners. One show that is not to be missed is the Dells Lumberjack Show. Come out any time from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend to see these talented lumberjacks in action. There are 12 events in all in the show and the 2 p.m. shows have opportunities for the children to get right on stage. Hear their beaming confidence on the ride back to your Lake Delton real estate as they tell you about their new skills in cross-cut sawing.

Watch Lumberjacks Compete in Canoe Jousting and Precision Woodcutting

Have a few laughs as team members fall into the water during canoe jousting. Stay on the edge of your seat as contestants race to the top of a pole while balancing on notched springboards during the spring board chop. Another exciting event is the speed climb when daredevils race up a 50 foot pole and come back down at top speeds. Other precision events that are spectacular to watch are the axe throw, chainsaw carve, and log roll. Any visitors to town and those who call Lake Delton home are invited to come and take part in the action. Find more information including a show calendar, a link to purchase tickets, and more details about the events at the Dells Lumberjack Show