People living in Wisconsin Dells learn about space.Explore outer space while still living in Wisconsin Dells. Tommy Bartlett Exploratory Interactive Science Center offers families the chance to learn all about science, technology, and outer space in fun and hands on ways. This indoor and outdoor attraction is a fun place to visit any time of the year and one of the most amazing objects housed at the Exploratory is an authentic Russian Space Station Mir core module. This is the only place on the planet that you can see, feel, and take in this equipment. Another fun space item for those living in Wisconsin Dells to see is a replica of a Mercury Space Capsule. This very small pod shows visitors what the United States’ first manned spaceship was like.

Wisconsin Dells Property Owners Get Hands-On with Science at the Exhibits

In addition to outer space, there are many other fun science exhibits. Kids and adults do not even realize that they are learning new things because they are having such a great time. Learn about levers and test your strength as you try to lift a 5,000 lb car up off of the ground. Be a daredevil and ride a bicycle across the high wire, and test your skills at various sports in the virtual reality realm. Raise your hair toward the ceiling in the Van de Graaff Generator - Bridge of Fire Exhibit about static electricity. Come explore this facility with the family, bring guests from out of town, or Wisconsin Dells property owners or their teens can consider the Exploratory for a great job. Learn more about all of the exhibits, find seasonal operating hours, driving directions, and purchase tickets for the Tommy Bartlett Exploratory