What Websites are the Best to Buy a Home?

If you are Buying a Home, for example in the Wisconsin Dells area, what are the best websites to search for a home? Here is a list of the top 3 websites by monthly visits by the million.

#1 is Zillow.com and they get 36 million visits per month as of January, 2019.

#2 is Trulia.com and they get 23 million visits per month as of January, 2019.

#3 is Realtor.com and they get 18 million visits per month as of January, 2019.

We would love our Buyers to use our website: www.WisconsonDellsHomesForSale.com of course, but I am sure they would see Zillow and Realtor.com advertising on HGTV and other channels on TV. This is a good reminder if the buyer is looking for a home and then they see an add for either Zillow or Realtor, they often would grab their phone or tablet and take a quick look.

There are many options online for home search these days, but we would like to remind you that contacting a Realtor in the area where you are thinking of Buying is usually best. They know the area and can show you information about schools, parks, traffic, jobs etc.

Data provided by Statista.com

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