Wisconsin Dells home owners go to Mr. Marvel's.Mr. Marvel’s Wondertorium offers an unusual and unforgettable experience to all who call Wisconsin Dells home. Watch the performers in the Circus Stunt Show perform amazing feats like fire eating, walking on glass, escaping a strait jacket, or contorting their bodies in seemingly impossible positions. Also browse the Museum of Oddities to feast your eyes upon such things as the world’s largest egg, shrunken heads, and bizarre animals. Who will be daring enough to touch or even hold some of these strange objects? Children will be talking about what they have seen for ages and return to their Wisconsin Dells home full of curiosity and wonder.

Two Wisconsin Dells Real Estate Locations Hold Fascinating Objects

There are two locations available, one that is seasonal at the Wintergreen Resort, and a year round location in downtown Wisconsin Dells. Tickets generally cost $8 when purchased online in advance and include ten live acts and 100 attractions. There is much to see, so everyone is sure to find something of interest. Times for the tours are listed on the Wondertorium website. VIP private tours are also available for $45 for up to 8 people, just contact a staff member at 608-402-3322 or at logan@wondertorium.com to set everything up. Go on a unique adventure that will fill everyone at your Wisconsin Dells real estate with a heightened sense of excitement about the world around them.