Visit the deer near your Wisconsin Dells.If you have an animal lover in your Wisconsin Dells home, then make time to visit Wisconsin Deer Park, located at 2183 Wisconsin Dells Parkway. The park is home to a number of deer species, which are bred at the park. There are a total of 40 acres to the Wisconsin Dells real estate location. Visitors wander along the paved paths and meet white tail deer, along with American elk and American Bison. There’s also the European fallow deer and the elegant Japanese silka deer.

Roam the Wisconsin Dells Real Estate Location and Meet Many Species of Deer

Visitors can purchase special deer food to feed the deer in two large feeding areas. In the larger of the areas is the Virginia white tail deer. This magnificent species has a range throughout the upper midwest. In the other feeding area, you’ll meet several different species. There are the black, white, and brown deer, as well as the amazing spotted English fallow deer. Its antlers are flat and wide, like those of a moose, and are rather large in comparison to the rest of the animal’s body.

The deer park is open from mid April through mid October. It’s a good idea to make time to visit the park several times during the season. Fawns are born almost daily in May and June. In July and August, the antlers on the bucks appear. By the end of the season, in September and October, the fawns have mostly grown up, and it’s fun to see them strong and playful. In addition to the deer, there are several other species to see, too. Meet goats, pigs, ducks, emus, llamas, and horses. There are even lemurs.

You can bring a picnic from your Wisconsin Dells home and enjoy it at one of the shaded picnic tables in the park. Tickets are $14 for those 12 years old and up, $10 for kids ages 3 to 11, and kids two and under are free. Visit Wisconsin Deer Park to get more details!