Get semi precious stones on Wisconsin Dells real estate.Dig deep on Wisconsin Dells real estate at the Dells Mining Company. Here folks can experience the art of mining for treasure. Explorers learn panning techniques from the staff and then go to work sifting through gem rich soil. The busy miners seek hidden jewels in the hopes of striking it rich. Experts step in to finish the job leaving no stone unturned. The hard work really pays off as the miners get to keep their bounty. A thorough sort job labels each jewel and gives some background information regarding each find.

Check out the Dells Mining Company Near Wisconsin Dells Homes

Multiple natural semi-precious and precious stones are mined on this piece of Wisconsin Dell real estate. Brilliant amethysts, emeralds, topaz, and sapphires are all possible finds. Such amazing jewels are colorful and fanciful. More than just birthstones, legends swirl around these stones entrapped in the soil. Sapphires are known to protect against harm and envy, while emeralds are symbols of neverending love. Blue topaz is thought to increase courage and attract cheerfulness. No matter what is found they are bound to delight.

The Dells Mining Company can transform any natural stone into a fabulous piece of jewelry. Many different styles of mountings are available to choose from as well as additional gems. 

“Mine for pleasure, take home a treasure” with two convenient locations near Wisconsin Dells homes to choose from. For more information please call 608.253.7002.